Become an Hausfly Photographer

Turn your hobby into a job

Are you a hobbyist photographer looking at earning extra income? Hausfly is offering you the opportunity to be trained in and shoot and create high-end media assets for Real Estate, this is a perfect entry level photography job taking a large amount of applicants. Working with Hausfly will give you valuable experience and training along with flexible work hours. 



Our Hausfly Professional photographer will spend a session (or sessions, at your choosing) training you to shoot high-end real estate photography that will allow you to go out as a trained Hausfly photographer and shoot not just photos but potentially shoot 360º Virtual Tours, 360º Photos and virtual tours and Drone photo and video. Learning these skills in our training allows you to work flexibly in the Hausfly system

Expected income

Entry level Hausfly photographers can expect to earn approximately $160 per day*

*this rate can be increased depending on the amount of hours worked per day.


We expect you to own a DSLR camera and suitable lenses (please list in your application below)

We expect you to own a tripod of decent size ( please detail in the application below )

We expect you to be available to attend a Hausfly training session

We expect you to be based on the Sunshine Coast.

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