Fend off Purple Bricks

When you hear the name “Purple Bricks” what do you think of? “What a funny name, what is it?” or “New Real Estate Competitors? Yeah, they’re a big con.” or “They’re a force to be reckoned with”. Whatever you think, they are out there taking the Australian Real Estate industry by storm.

Should you be worried? Well, yes and no. Let’s take a closer look at what threats they pose and whether they’re really a problem?


Their biggest selling point is they offer a Flat Fee over a commission. So they’re cheap for people selling houses that would ask a commission higher than $4,500—which is most of them. So, unfortunately, this point will be a winner for them—it’s a hook. Don’t be too concerned, though. Soon to follow, vendors will likely find themselves disappointed with what they get and they will be out of pocket. At that point, they will again be fair game for the rest of us but they’ll need some hand-holding which is the short-term frustration.

A good defense here is to play on the points of difference. If you can provide more than Purple Bricks at a minimal price or even include it in the commission, you are more likely to convince those that do their homework.

What the Vendor Really Gets

According to Purple Bricks, the vendor gets approximately 10 photos, standard listings on, and, a simple floorplan, and a generic Purple Bricks “For Sale” signboard all along with some basic sales process helps. That’s really not that much. In fact, you probably do most if not all of these for a lesser price and provide more service on top of that for the commission you get.

This point is where you can really make a difference. There are ways to provide much more marketing for less. Bringing in a service like Hausfly, you can get 8 photos, a simple floorplan, an actual property promoting signboard, and an additional 360º virtual tour in the standard package for just $499 and their packages only gets better from there. This can give your package a lot more marketing boost, and it’s a bigger incentive for vendors to go with you. You can also list with and along with others (such as the new gumtree service), giving the vendor some flexibility as to whether they go for higher promotional plans or not.

The Process and Customer Service

The service they provide is actually quite minimal. The vendor gets a local Purple Bricks contact but their process is primarily automated and limited to one set of options they provide so the representative would merely be a face to talk to without much control. They also consider making the connection between the buyer and seller transparent as a selling point. This potentially takes the work from the agent and puts it onto the seller—a sneaky trick. Their dashboard, on the other hand, appears to be a nice touch, however, the results are only likely to change when someone actually changes something. As an agent, you would provide the same information to your vendors with more details.

Under the surface, it’s actually quite unfair to the agents that associate themselves with Purple Bricks, in that they sell the idea that they can provide listings on a plate, but this takes away their experience, their opportunity for commission and their region of influence if they leave.

This is more of a warning that getting involved with Purple Bricks may be a bad idea. From a vendor’s point of view, though, knowing that their agent has full control of their marketing is a huge seller. Also, as an added bonus to you, Hausfly will be giving out recommendations for leads to real estate agents in the area. They are soon to start a major marketing campaign to generate lots of leads. It will be worth getting involved.

No tie-in

This really is a misnomer. Purple Bricks claim that they don’t tie in their clients and that real estate agents do. Purple Bricks may not tie them in with a contract until sale, but they get their money regardless of sale and there is tie-in by obligation. Also, due to the limited marketing that is provided, they are tied into a stagnating package for fear that their money was misspent. As soon as they move on to another agent, they’ve lost all that marketing and will have to pay another large sum of money for another.

Again, this is where Hausfly can benefit you as a sales tool. The services Hausfly provide are not branded to any Real Estate agent except by request. Providing this freedom to take their marketing package with them between agents is a selling point in itself but then why would they need to change agents if you can simply provide more marketing at a cheaper price.


Purple Bricks are really quite a limited solution and a risky one for vendors, but you can make a difference to the market by proving the difference and providing better marketing options at lower prices. The services Hausfly provides will be invaluable in your mission to fend off the Purple Brickers.


8 simple steps to sell your properties more efficiently

Real Estate is a competitive market and moving properties fast and for a good commission is what it’s all about. I’d like to introduce you to a new way to sell properties that can benefit you and the homeowner significantly by making it more efficient and effective—in just 8 simple steps.

Here’s how:

  1. Lower Your Expenses
    You must think I’m crazy but read on. Reducing the overhead of photography and marketing is possible—by finding the right service. Hausfly packages are exceptionally low in price and will save you money without the sacrifice. They guarantee to beat the price of any comparable package.
  2. Start Selling Sooner
    Delay in getting on the market loses valuable opportunities. The Hausfly process is streamlined which is why their prices are so low. They guarantee a very quick turnaround from the point their Hausflys visit, and since they have a lot of photographers, you can generally always get one at your earliest convenience.
  3. Keep Your Quality High
    Don’t cut corners—streamline. This is Hausfly’s approach too. They have strict quality standards and their photographers are professionally trained to return quality quickly.
  4. Include a 360º Virtual Tour
    The new “open home” on the market. Providing a 360º Virtual Tour makes for a more productive open home, getting a quicker sale and saving you time. Hausfly includes this in all packages. They also have 50% off their 360º Virtual Tours service. For a limited time only!
  5. Streamline Your Workflow
    Learn the processes you take and reduce unnecessary steps in things you do regularly. Booking a Hausfly package compresses many steps into one. It’s as simple as choosing a time and package. No long phone calls needed.
  6. Get All Your Tools In One Step
    To help streamline your workflow, get the signboard, floor plan, 360º virtual tour and photography all booked at the same time. All Hausfly packages include these as standard. If you need extra, just get a higher package to add aerial photography, video and more—A one stop shop.
  7. Trust Your Process
    Hesitation causes mistakes. Be sure your system is reliable and consistent so it doesn’t take a second thought. Hausfly services are reliable and consistent and they improve their systems regularly.
  8. Be Unique
    Stand out from the crowd by doing what no-one else can—use more immersive marketing tools for the same or less expense than any other regular provider. This is an advantage in gaining new listings. Compare Hausfly’s packages, you might be surprised what you can offer.

Hausfly will benefit you in all of these points and more. Why not take a look? You won’t be disappointed.

Have fewer inspections and sell faster

How to have fewer inspections and sell faster?

Inspections and Open Houses are tedious and time consuming for both real estate agents and sellers. You have to clean your house to a level that it feels like a display home and then you have to make sure you aren’t there during the inspection.

Hausfly can give you the property marketing tools you need to have fewer inspections than needed and sell your property faster. The service we offer are designed to grab perspective buyers interest and furthermore immerse them in your property before they’ve even booked an inspection. We do this through the use of 360º Virtual Tours, a service we include in all of our property marketing packages.

360º Virtual Tours give prospective buyers the ability to virtually inspect and walk through your home online. It allows buyers to get a better feel for a property that video and photos do not provide, they can really feel how the houses connects and if it would be a good suit for their needs. Allowing buyers to be able to browse your property online in this manner will be remove the need for multiple inspections as they will already have a good idea and insight into the property even before they call your agent to book an inspection, reducing the need for endless inspections.

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Aerial Photography and Video can provide the perspective your property needs and may be the perfect property marketing tool your property needs to grab attention. Whilst not suited for all properties Aerial Photography and Aerial Video can provide a wow factor that can grab prospective buyers interest and keep them interested through the whole property purchasing process.

Overall increasing your marketing services above and beyond the standard and often overpriced packages that agents offer you can increase your chances of selling faster and reducing those pesky inspections. Check out our packages to see what package best suits your budget, or look at our individual services if your just looking for that little boost.

Have a property marketing question? feel free to ask us at our support page.