9 FAQs

  • Will I have to pay anymore ?

    No all prices for Hausfly Property Marketing Services and Property Marketing Packages are final

  • Can i book individual Services or do i have to book a whole package?

    You can book individual Hausfly Property Marketing services but please remember our Property Marketing packages offer the best possible value.

  • What if i have to Reschedule our booking?

    Get in contact with the Hausfly team via an email at info@hausfly.com , In this email address the reason for rescheduling your Hausfly Property Marketing Service or Property Marketing Package booking, if it is under 24hours you may face a rescheduling fee

  • What should i do before my booking?

    Consult the Pre Booking checklist that was attached in your confirmation email, if you have not received this checklist please email info@hausfly.com asking for a pre-booking checklist and we will get one to you as soon as possible. Also discuss any specific requirements your property has to offer with your Hausfly during their confirmation call.

  • My Hausfly agent has not turned up, what do i do?

    If they have called you confirming the booking, please call them, If they are running late they may have already contacted you. If they are unable to attend an Area Manager will attend the shoot to replace them. If they have not contacted you at all, please get in contact with info@hausfly.com and we proceed from there as to what action needs to be taken, and we as property marketing professionals will assure that you as the customer are satisfied with service Hausfly has given you.

  • I had an issue with payment, what do i do?

    Please get in contact with info@hausfly.com, and we will do our best to resolve any issues as soon as we possibly can.

  • How and when will i receive my content?

    Your content will be delivered via email or through our property listing services which you will be directed to via email, this should occur 2-4 days after the shoot.

    We assure our team of Hausfly Property Marketing Professionals pay attention to each and every piece of content we create to assure we maintain our customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • I did not like the images and media assets I received, what should i do?

    Hausfly does its best to produce the highest quality media possible, if there is any issue we will do our best to remedy the issue to the best of our ability, and we encourage that if you have an issue to please contact info@hausfly.com.

    Assuring customer satisfaction is our highest priority so if there is any issue please consult your Hausfly agent or us directly at support@hausfly.com or info@hausfly.com

  • Is it better to get a package or individual services?

    Packages offer the best possible value as they are heavily discounted than the individual property marketing services. Although if you are want to create your own package through services you are looking for give us a call and we will see if we can try and create the best possible property marketing package for you and your specific needs.